What Inspires Your Work?

Posted: February 5, 2012 in FILMP 150 Assignments, My Videos, Uncategorized

So for a “quick activity” for my media/film class I was supposed to write about what inspires my work. When I thought about it I realized there’s a ton of things that spur my video ideas. First off any places I’ve been to and any of my experiences, whatever kind they may be, gives me an idea of what could possibly be incorporated in one of my videos. (not the random videos I’ve uploaded on Youtube but the actual good ones I upload somewhere else muhahaha!) I start off showing New York City and later on showing Disney World. Those are definitely the top two places I get ideas from. Then there are shows and movies such as Rugrats, Danny Phantom, Easy A, Fanboys, Pokemon, El Tigre,  Hey Arnold!, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Tron Legacy, Star Wars, Avatar the Last Airbender, School Rumble, Fairytail and K-On! I’ve specifically put all those because they have the biggest impact on me. Those shows/movies shaped and added to my comedy, artsy, and music videos. Along with shows/movies I also am inspired by other stories that come from a different source: video games. Kingdom Hearts and Uncharted are excellent stories that, like the shows/movies, made me want to create  good story lines just as interesting and entertaining as those. Of course music plays a big role too. Any tune or song can get me to start thinking of a video idea to go along with it. It also helps that I play instruments too. Lastly my friends and family inspire me to pursue filming/editing my ideas. They’ve always been a big support and were very helpful when I needed opinions and people to be in my videos.

Song used: 2nd Floor Generator -Freelance Whales

Thanks to my sister for helping me with the whole project.

Now the question is: What inspires your work?

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